What to Expect During An Asbestos Survey: A Guide for Scarborough Property Owners

Scarborough asbestos removal

Asbestos testing is an important step for property owners who want to ensure the safety of their families, workers, and tenants. In this blog, we will guide you through what to expect during an asbestos survey, and why it is important to trust certified professionals for asbestos testing and removal in Scarborough.

What is an Asbestos Survey?

An asbestos survey is a comprehensive inspection of a property to determine the presence of asbestos-containing materials. This type of survey is typically conducted before renovations or demolitions to ensure the safety of workers and the public.

Why is an Asbestos Survey Important?

An asbestos survey is important because asbestos fibers can become airborne when the material is disturbed, leading to inhalation and potential health problems. Long-term exposure to asbestos fibers can cause serious health issues, including lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis.

What to Expect During an Asbestos Survey?

During an asbestos survey, a certified inspector will inspect your property to identify any materials that may contain asbestos. The inspector may collect samples of the materials for laboratory analysis to confirm the presence of asbestos. Some of the areas that may be inspected include:

    • Insulation
    • Ceiling tiles
    • Floor tiles
    • Roofing materials
    • Textured paint

The inspector will also check for any signs of damage or deterioration of the materials and provide recommendations for asbestos removal in Scarborough if necessary.

Why You Should Choose Air Doctors for Asbestos Survey in Scarborough

At Air Doctors, we are dedicated to providing our clients with a safe and efficient asbestos survey in Scarborough, including efficient testing services and concluding with streamlined asbestos removal. Our team of certified inspectors is equipped with the training and equipment necessary to perform comprehensive asbestos surveys, and we are committed to protecting your health and the environment.


An asbestos survey is an important step for property owners who want to ensure the safety of their families, workers, and tenants. If you are planning renovations or demolitions, trust the experts at Air Doctors for your asbestos survey in Scarborough. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and protect your health and the environment.