What Do Professional Toronto Mold Removal Services Include?

If you find spots in your basement, kitchen, bathroom shower or tub, under the sink, or any other place where moisture is commonly found, there is a good chance of it being mold Especially if the spots appear black in nature, you need the help of Toronto mold removal services. Not only is mold unsightly and smelly, but some types pose serious health risks.

Mold Removal Services

As part of mold removal services, the company you hire will send a certified inspector to your home. The mold inspection at your Toronto residence is important in that it provides the professional the chance to see the area visually and, if necessary, take a small sample for laboratory testing. The inspection will also reveal the degree of the problem and help the inspector determine the correct course of action.

If the expert determines that you need mold removed, there is a specific process to follow. For dangerous types of mold, that process ensures the safety of the person doing the work, as well as you, your family members, and even pets. The following are the steps an expert takes when providing professional mold removal services.

  • Moisture or Water Problem – Before doing any remediation work, the inspector must identify the cause of the moisture or water problem; without this step, mold would continue to grow even after removal. You can either fix the problem yourself or go through your insurance company for a professional repair. With that done, the inspector can continue on in the process.
  • Remediation Plan – Based on the inspector’s findings as to the type of mold and level of severity, he will create a report and devise a remediation plan. From there, the expert will schedule a date for remediation. The extent of the problem will help determine the approach for remedying it. For serious issues or the presence of black mold, the inspector will provide you with information on staying safe until completing the mold removal services.
  • Prep Work – On the day of remediation, one or more professionals come to your home with the required protective gear, tools, and supplies. The expert then isolates the contaminated area to prevent airborne mold spores from seeping into other areas of the house. This includes covering doorways, windows, air vents, light fixtures, and more. The professional then mists the area to suppress dust.
  • Removal – The expert removes any mold-covered areas. After placing those items inside a plastic bag and sealing it, the professional disposes of the material according to strict government laws and company standards.
  • Cleanup – With all the mold removed, the professional thoroughly cleans the area using a HEPA vacuum and proper cleaning products.

Safe and Efficient Mold Removal in Toronto

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