Working with Outside Asbestos Building Materials

Air Doctors professionals recently removed siding containing asbestos from a house in Collingwood, Ontario.  The siding product was made from a light cement and mixed with asbestos for strength and insulation.  Artex surface coating was not found on the siding at this site.  The cost of this type of asbestos removal is quite reasonable.

Procedures for asbestos abatement from the outside of a building are similar to removing asbestos from the inside of a home.  Air Doctors asbestos remediation personnel still have to wear the proper personal protection and care must be taken to ensure that asbestos containing materials do not go airborne and travel to neighbours’ properties.  No asbestos containment is required.

Asbestos Remediation siding
Outside asbestos clean up job. Air Doctors is nice and clean.

Air Doctors puts poly bags down around the outside of the work area to catch any bits that may come off of the siding and as a place to put the siding prior to being double bagged.  Other outside potential asbestos containing materials include asbestos shingles, asbestos caulking and the mastic (glue) holding the shingles (Mastic is a heavy duty adhesive that was primarily made out of asbestos and asbestos has strong links to mesothelioma).