What Is Included in Water Damage Clean Up

Water damage clean up following a flood or other issues is crucial to avoid the need for expensive repairs. Whether the issue arose from an overflowing sink, sewer main backup, or natural disaster, it is imperative that action be taken as quickly as possible. When combined with humidity, water damage can result in mould growth and even more significant and dangerous problems.


The first step in water damage clean up is a professional inspection. Sampling is also typically conducted to determine whether bacteria or mould may also be present. Professional equipment is used to accurately monitor moisture levels in your home or business and ensure that all contents are thoroughly dried. A professional water damage clean up and remediation in Toronto should also include the assessment of all carpeting, drywall and other contents to determine whether it is necessary for those items to be removed, as well. Finally, air quality tests are performed to ensure that your home or office is completely safe. The longer that you wait to pursue water damage clean up, the more damage may be done and the greater the risk to your and your family’s health. Do not delay in taking action.