What Does Asbestos Testing Service Involve?

Asbestos Testing

If you have a home or business built prior to 1989 and suspect or worry that it contains asbestos material, for peace of mind, consider hiring a reputable company that performs asbestos testing. Different from an actual abatement, testing is a critical part of identifying a potential risk

As part of the inspection, a company certified to handle asbestos testing in Toronto would come to your home or business to check areas known for containing asbestos. Wearing a respirator and protective clothing, a certified professional will take a small sample, secure it in a zippered plastic bag, and then either take or send it off to a laboratory. The goal is to either confirm or deny the presence of asbestos.

Testing serves as the precursor to having asbestos material removed. Although experts often find this substance in homes and businesses built before 1989, that does not automatically mean it poses a danger. In fact, if the asbestos remains undisturbed, there is little to no risk; because of that, the expert may determine the best course of action is to leave it be.

On the other hand, if the asbestos is in a place where someone or something could disturb it, once a lab confirms its presence, you want to remove the material. The issue is that, when disturbed, asbestos releases fine particles in the air. When inhaled, they can create serious health problems like irritation to the lungs and lung cancer.

Testing Process

As for the process involved with asbestos testing in Toronto, there are different methods. Because there is no way to tell if the material contains asbestos by looking at it with the naked eye, the expert will carefully remove a small piece, which a laboratory then tests. By viewing the fibers under a polarized light microscope using a variety of conditions, the lab can tell whether the material is or is not asbestos.

In addition to confirming the presence of this material, the lab performing the asbestos testing service will identify its type. Whether Chyrosolite, white asbestos, Crodiolite, blue asbestos, or Amosite, brown asbestos, there is a good chance you need it removed. By hiring the right abatement company, the individual doing the work will determine if removal is the best option.

In addition to health concerns, some people test for the presence of asbestos before doing any remodeling or renovation work. If a lab completes its testing and confirms there is no risk of this material, the cost for further construction would decrease substantially. In other words, without the need for abatement, people would save money when making upgrades to their homes or businesses.

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