What Are Some Signs That Indicate Asbestos Exposure?

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Asbestos was a popular material for roofing, insulation, and flooring until the 1970s, even in Toronto. It remains present in outdated structures that are still standing and in use. Spending time in or around sources of asbestos increases your risk of exposure. If you are not sure your home or office is clear of asbestos, you should schedule an asbestos testing in Toronto.

That way, you can rule out the following signs of asbestos exposure:

Clubbing of Fingers and Toes

This is a revealing sign of asbestos exposure. As asbestos is a carcinogen, you develop mesothelioma when exposed to it. Clubbing is the swelling of the fingertips or toenails. The tips become larger and rounder. Your nail beds soften up, and the curvature of your nails changes as well. Clubbed toes and fingers result from conditions that cause low levels of blood oxygen or malabsorption. Asbestos testing services can help confirm if your clubbing is from your asbestos exposure.

Shortness of Breath

One symptom of any lung disease is shortness of breath. When you are exposed to asbestos, the fibres damage your lungs. This results in the formation of tough scar tissue. Scarring prevents your lungs from expanding, causing breathing difficulty. According to asbestos testing companies, this is one of the early signs of asbestos exposure.

Chest Pain

Companies engaged in asbestos testing in Toronto recognize that this is a sign that can also impede your ability to breathe. Lungs do not have abundant pain receptors. It is the lining of the lungs (pleura) that detects pain. Mesothelioma, a cancer caused by asbestos exposure, occurs in the pleura. The accumulating tumours put a lot of pressure on the pain receptors in your pleura. Whenever you breathe, your pleura stretches. The stretching triggers pain around the tumours.


Asbestos testing companies warn that tiredness is an early sign of asbestos exposure. Fatigue is a condition in which you do not have the energy to do what you want or need to do. You feel burned out or drained. Under normal circumstances, fatigue can go away after some relaxation. If you have mesothelioma, your fatigue is more unpredictable and complex.

Dry Cough

Even if your initial asbestos exposure was about four decades ago, you could develop scar tissue in your lungs over time. Your body coughs to expel foreign bodies in your lungs and keep your air passages clear. Persistent dry cough can be annoying and taxing. If it is becoming a regular occurrence for you after asbestos exposure, asbestos testing services can help confirm if you have early symptoms of mesothelioma.

Asbestos Testing Companies Can Help

These symptoms of asbestos exposure can be debilitating if you do not receive proper treatment. Mesothelioma develops gradually as you inhale asbestos. As symptoms appear, it is best to see your doctor. An early visit to your health care provider can help control them.

At Air Doctors, Inc., we have the expertise and equipment to determine early asbestos hot spots. Our adequate sampling and full testing can determine if your workplace or home in Toronto has asbestos. The results from our asbestos testing in Toronto can help confirm your mesothelioma diagnosis. Our asbestos test results can also aid in the crafting of your treatment plan.