What Are Some Kinds of Asbestos Removal?

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To eliminate a serious risk in your home, you’ll need the services of a professional for asbestos removal in Toronto. A lot of people think the only option is to have this cancer-causing material removed. However, there are several ways to remediate the presence of this cancer-causing material.

Three Types of Asbestos Removal Services

Primarily, experts who provide services for asbestos removal near me break them down into three distinct categories.

  • Type 1 – This covers an area between 1 and 10 square feet
  • Type 2 – For this, a licensed professional will remove asbestos
    in any area measuring 11 to 100 square feet
  • Type 3 – The final type is for areas covering 100 square feet or more

Canadian Standards for Asbestos Removal Services

For companies to provide services for asbestos removal in Toronto under Type 3, they must have the 253W. To supervise technicians, an individual must have the 253S. For either one, professionals have to complete a full course rather than just attend a class or two. This ensures they can perform asbestos removal services while meeting the high standard set by the Canadian government.

When to Use Professional Services

Many experts that provide asbestos removal near me agree that a licensed technician should handle all types: Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3. However, others feel that only Type 2 and Type 3 need expert assistance. The thing to remember is that whenever asbestos material moves or gets disturbed, it releases dangerous fibers into the air.

Inhaling those fibers can lead to serious health issues, including cancer. So, unless you have experience working with this hazardous material and you know how to take the necessary precautions to eliminate it, consider using professional asbestos removal services.

Something else to consider is that depending on the material and its level of risk, a licensed professional might not remove it. There are times when an expert can cover or seal the exposed area. This is one reason why it’s important to have an inspection done if you suspect asbestos in your home.

The individual performing the services of asbestos removal at your Toronto home will first confirm its presence. In some cases, that involves having a lab test a sample of the material. From there, that individual will go over the options with you.

The Bottom Line

To have asbestos removed, it’s always best to use a company that specializes in this field, regardless of the type. As part of asbestos removal services, the expert will remove the material and then cover and seal it. The goal is to provide you with a safe and healthy home. Air Doctors Inc., a highly respected company for asbestos removal near me, is the go-to source of many.