Various Methods Environmental Workers Use to Test Asbestos Levels

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When it comes to maintaining sanitation and cleanliness, environmental health professionals are the experts. Workers might find that they contact toxins that harm their health, and asbestos is one of these toxins. Your workers might contact asbestos in either a natural form or when they are handling building materials. There are a few ways that environmental workers can check for asbestos levels, including asbestos testing in Toronto.

How Is Testing Done?

Before starting the job, there are a few methods of testing for asbestos. For example, consider activity-based sampling. This method involves sampling the air to mimic certain activities to configure the levels of potential exposure. The professionals might do some cleaning and test the levels of asbestos.

To get more accurate results, the professionals might do the testing as a worst-case scenario. This way, they can determine the highest level of potential damage. The professionals might do this while wearing protective gear and get air samples. Then these can go to an asbestos testing lab in Toronto to look for the toxin.

This testing can offer a glimpse into the possible exposure in an area and time, meaning it might not be as accurate for larger areas. Plus, it might not account for the uncontrollable natural conditions that might impact the levels of asbestos that are in the area.

Asbestos Field Sampling

With releasable asbestos field samplers, workers have a less laborious and cheaper alternative to testing for asbestos. This form of Toronto asbestos testing involves using machines to disturb and rake the soil to release any of the potential asbestos to the air. Then the machine can collect the machine and pass it over a sampling device.

This is a less expensive form of looking for toxins, but it might show that the levels are higher than they really are.

Water Sampling

Another easy and inexpensive method of Toronto asbestos testing is by looking at the surface water. The company will take samples of the water to a lab to get looked at in glass bottles. Then the company can test the samples for potential asbestos or other kinds of toxins. This testing might be more common for drinking water, but it can also include other forms of water, including the groundwater.

Choose the Best Asbestos Testing in Toronto

Many kinds of workers might come into contact with asbestos, which is why you want to have Toronto asbestos testing to keep your employees safe. Just remember that asbestos is dangerous, which is why you want to choose the right testing company. Air Doctors Inc. offers safe testing and removal of this harmful substance. Contact us today for more information.