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Popcorn ceiling is also known as stucco ceiling or a textured ceiling. It is a ceiling or wall that is not flat. In many cases for houses built between 1935 and 1945, the plaster texture coat of the wall or ceiling was augmented with asbestos. The asbestos was added to strengthen the texture coat.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that can be broken down into strands or fibres. The fibres help to hold the plaster together, something like eggs or breadcrumbs do in a recipe. The added strength of the fibres was used to hold the texture together, as it would more easily come off than plaster on a flat wall.

If you have a popcorn ceiling or wall in a home built during the 1945 to 1975 period and you are planning to remove it or disturb it, you should have a certified asbestos worker or supervisor for popcorn ceiling removal, or a CRSP sample the materials first for asbestos. The sampler has knowledge as to where to take the samples from and how many samples are required. The samples will be brought to an asbestos accredited lab for testing and the results will be provided to you.

If there is asbestos found in the wall or ceilings, a certified asbestos worker or supervisor, that has WSIB and liability insurance, should be hired for popcorn ceiling removal.

A certified asbestos worker will set up containment around the area to be worked on to ensure that no asbestos fibres contaminate the other areas of the home. Containment is one of a number of procedures that are required to safely and properly remove asbestos containing popcorn ceilings or walls.

The Ministry of Labour regulates how asbestos is handled in Ontario. The asbestos worker or supervisor will be familiar with the regulations and procedures and should be easily able to tell you how the job will be completed.


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