Safety Tips and Precautions for Home Asbestos Removal

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If you have confirmed asbestos in your home, safety is paramount. The best option is to hire a professional company for asbestos removal. Although you may think you can do it yourself, the process is far too risky for a homeowner. Instead, you should use a licensed and experienced professional who goes through each step of the process with extreme care and skill.

An expert who provides services for asbestos removal in Toronto understands the potential dangers of working with this material and the appropriate methods required for removing and disposing of it.

Critical Safety Tips

During the period of 1930s to 1970s, builders commonly used asbestos when constructing homes, primarily in siding, roofing shingles, insulation, etc. While banned in 1977, a risk persists for some properties built up to mid-1980s. Following strict company policies and government regulations, the asbestos expert removes this material, often from unsuspected places like pipe insulation, joint compound in the sheetrock or drywall.

For identifying the presence of asbestos, the expert who provides asbestos removal service in Toronto follows these safety steps (depending on the classification of the asbestos):

  • Dons protective clothing
  • Wears a respirator
  • Sets up containment of the area
  • Takes small samples for testing, placing them in a sealed container for transport

After receiving confirmation of the presence of asbestos, the next step involves asbestos removal. Although you may think you can remove the asbestos yourself, the overall process is far too risky. It is always better to leave asbestos removal in Toronto to a trained professional.

Safety Precautions

Next comes the removal process, during which time the expert remains even more cautious.

  • To prevent airborne spores from traveling to other rooms, the professional seals off the room by hanging plastic sheeting secured with strong-grade tape. Often the professional will wear protective clothing and gear.
  • Another precaution consists of posting a sign warning for people to stay out of the area where the asbestos removal is being completed.
  • The expert performs the service for asbestos removal in Toronto using a HEPA vacuum and hand tools for most asbestos removal.
  • To minimize the release of asbestos fibers, the expert thoroughly wets down the affected material.
  • The professional shuts off the air-conditioning and heating system to prevent asbestos fibers from traveling through the ductwork to other parts of the home.
  • After removing all the asbestos affected items, the expert cleans the area being worked on.
  • As for the asbestos material, it goes into a heavy-duty plastic bag, securely sealed, and properly labeled.