Is Asbestos Testing Recommended By Law?

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Asbestos used to be a popular building material. Builders used to prefer materials that contained asbestos because of all its positive properties. However, it’s now banned because it poses serious and even life-threatening health risks. To confirm its presence, abatement companies first have asbestos testing done in a lab in Mississauga or anywhere else.


Another interesting aspect of this material is that if it’s not disturbed, it typically doesn’t pose any risk. However, if moved or exposed, it becomes dangerous. That’s when asbestos releases tiny cancer-causing fibers into the air. If inhaled, people can face an assortment of health-related issues.

So, if you live in a house or have a commercial building built before the early 1990s, you might have reason to worry. Often, builders used construction materials that contained asbestos. So, it’s worth hiring asbestos removal specialists. These experts will first collect a sample to confirm the presence of asbestos.

What Are the Current Laws that Asbestos Removal Companies Must Follow?

There’s no question that asbestos can prove deadly. So, it’s a problem that homeowners, property owners, and asbestos removal specialists must take seriously. That means people can’t simply remove anything suspicious and throw it in with their regular garbage. Not only would that put them at risk but also anyone else who came into contact with the material.

Here are some examples of the Canadian laws specific to asbestos:

Asbestos Testing

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA) for Ontario, Canada, any building owner or property manager must have asbestos testing done. The criteria are they know or should know that material containing this dangerous substance exists. As for homeowners, they can use asbestos removal companies as deemed necessary.

However, if they have a house built before 1986 and believe that asbestos exists, they shouldn’t hesitate to have asbestos testing done in a lab in Mississauga. For that, they would need to contact a reputable testing and abatement company.

Disturbed or Exposed Asbestos

Under Canadian law, if a building owner or property manager knows of disturbed asbestos, they must have testing performed by a professional environmentalist. Also, they must list the building under the Asbestos Management Program or AMP. That entails having the building inspected regularly, keeping a record of all asbestos-containing material, and notifying any occupants of the presence of this material.

Renovation and Construction

Canada also has laws for renovation and construction. Before having any work done, a building owner needs to have a Designated Substance Survey (DSS) performed. If it finds asbestos, the owner must contact one of the top asbestos removal companies to have the threat eliminated.

Investment Properties

Even investment properties have protection under Canadian law. Whether a multifamily building or a multi-unit commercial structure, anyone interested in investing in real estate should ask for a copy of the DSS. The last thing an investor wants to deal with is an unpleasant surprise of asbestos and the expense of asbestos testing.

Protect Yourself and Others

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