How to Remove Asbestos Safely from Your Home

If your home was built prior to 1980 and you suspect the presence of asbestos, you need to hire a reputable company that offers asbestos removal in Toronto. After all, asbestos was used in attic insulation, vinyl flooring tiles, wallboards, ceiling tiles, textured walls and ceilings, wall plaster, insulation around ductwork and boiler pipes, among other building materials in homes. Once the presence of asbestos containing material is confirmed through an inspection, or sampling and testing at a laboratory, the asbestos removal process can begin.

When disturbed, asbestos releases tiny fibers that become airborne. If inhaled, these fibers may pose a serious health risk. If you have concerns, contact a reputable company that offers both inspection services and asbestos removal Toronto. Remember, as suspect materials are handled, even small disturbances can release dangerous fibers into the air. For that reason, professional asbestos removal is a preferred option as compered to completing the removal yourself.

Asbestos Removal Process

Once the materials have been determined to contain asbestos, the condition of the materials is determined.  If the materials are in good condition and there are no plans to disturb them, they can often be left as they are.

If the materials are in bad condition, such as being cracked or ripped it is advisable to remove them.

In some cases home owners want the materials removed, regardless of their condition to provide peace of mind in their home.

If the decision is made to remove the asbestos containing materials, a company that has certified asbestos abatement personnel should be hired.

To complete the asbestos removal process, the entire area is cleared of furniture, artwork, plants, and other items and a containment around the materials to be removed is created. During the work, the contained area can only be accessed by asbestos removal companies.  The containment is built to ensure that asbestos fibers do not go into the other rooms in the house.  Vents and outlets in the area where the work is being completed are sealed.

In certain asbestos conditions the technicians will wear protective equipment. To keep the level of dust to a minimum, the technician will use a low-pressure sprayer to wet the area and uses air scrubbers. Once  the asbestos containing material is removed, it is placed inside asbestos waste bags and properly disposed of. The work area is thoroughly cleaned using a HEPA vacuum and wiping prior to the containment being removed.

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