Handling Asbestos Is Harmful to Health, Air Doctors Can Help

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The bottom line is that asbestos removal can be hazardous. Without knowledge of how to handle this material the properly, people can develop health problems. This is why people need to take precautionary measures by hiring an expert who follows a very specific asbestos removal process, Ontario Ministry of Labour regulation 278/05. Air Doctors is one such source. When it comes to asbestos removal in Toronto, it excels.

What Does the Asbestos Removal Process Consist of?

Whether a residential or commercial customer, the expert first confirms the presence of this material through testing. For buildings constructed prior to 1989, asbestos was a commonly used material. Asbestos can be found in some siding, walls, and ceilings, vinyl flooring, roofing shingles, textured plaster, as a small list of potential materials in a building.


For asbestos removal, the professional segregates the involved area of the home or business. By sealing all air ducts, using negative pressure equipment, and even shutting off the HVAC system, there’s no risk of disturbed fibres traveling to other areas. The expert puts up plastic sheeting and covers all hard surfaces.

The next step for asbestos removal in Toronto involves removing anything containing this material. For optimal protection, the expert first dons the appropriate gear, including clothing and a respirator. Using hand tools, that individual goes to work to remove the asbestos and places it in approved bags. Once sealed, the professional disposes of these bags according to current Canadian laws and regulations.

HEPA vacuuming is the next step in the asbestos removal process. Before this, the expert wipes all surfaces. The machine used is not an ordinary vacuum but one capable of drawing in even the smallest of particles. This part of the procedure eliminates anything lingering in the air. This guarantees the cleanliness of every surface.

However, there’s still more to asbestos removal. With the vacuuming aspect complete, the expert may then takes several air samples depending on the kind of asbestos work completed. With that, they can determine if the job was successful or if there was something left behind.

Relying on Professionals for Asbestos Removal

Considering the risk involved with the asbestos removal process, this is not something that a home or business owner should ever try. The problem is that after moving or disturbing asbestos-containing materials, tiny fibres become airborne. If inhaled, they can lead to a host of health issues – some minor and some potentially life-threatening.

Air Doctors is a source you can count on for asbestos removal in Toronto. We have many years of experience, highly trained professionals, and top-of-the-line equipment that perform every asbestos removal job correctly. Call today for outstanding service.

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