Does One Need to Worry About Naturally Occurring Asbestos?

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Today, you might have heard about asbestos being in cosmetics or powder, and you may wonder how it ever got in these substances in the first place. The answer is asbestos that occurs naturally. However, you may be wondering if asbestos removal is necessary for this potential toxin.

About Naturally Occurring Asbestos

By itself, asbestos is a natural substance. This means that like other kinds of minerals, you can find it in other minerals in the earth. The mineral is fibrous, and you can often find it in some kinds of host rocks, like peridotite and limestone.

About Asbestos Abatement in Toronto

Many times, people living in Canada assume that Quebec is the only place you can find asbestos. This was where the largest asbestos mine used to be, and it was the last asbestos mine that closed. But it is also in other areas as well. You could find mines in areas such as Northeastern Ontario and other provinces.

What You Can Do

You might not always know where you can find natural occurring asbestos, and your business, vacation, or family travels might bring you to an area that does have asbestos in the soil. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can keep you and your family safe from the toxin.

As long as you do not disturb the asbestos, it can be safe for you. It is the airborne particles that are what you need to worry about, and only if you inhale them. However, erosion, natural weather, and normal human activity can cause the asbestos to get disturbed, creating toxic dust. There are a few ways that you can stay safe.

When you are biking or hiking, stay on the paved paths. Only allow children to play in areas that have ground cover, such as woodchips or mulch. If you are digging, pre-wet the areas to reduce the potential of dust. On unpaved roads, be careful and don’t go too quickly.

When you get inside, take your shoes off, and absorb dust with a doormat. On windy days or when construction is getting done, keep the doors and windows closed. Use a HEPA filter when you are vacuuming and use damp cloths for cleaning to reduce any dust. You might need asbestos abatement in Toronto in your home.

Getting Asbestos Removal in Toronto

If you have asbestos in your home, you need the right company to take care of it for you. The right company will offer asbestos removal, so you do not have to worry about it. Contact Air Doctors Inc. today if you want to know more about how to stay safe from naturally occurring asbestos and how to get rid of it.