Book an Asbestos Inspection for Your Loved Ones This Christmas

asbestos testing in Toronto

It’s usually easy to buy a Christmas gift for a loved one. However, there’s always an exception. If you have a family member that makes holiday shopping hard, give them something that could save their life. Hire a company to perform asbestos testing in Toronto.

Your loved one may live in a home or operates a business in a structure built before 1984. So, there’s a good chance that some of the construction material contains asbestos. If not disturbed, asbestos material doesn’t pose a risk. However, if accidentally moved, it does.

Once disturbed, asbestos releases tiny cancer-causing fibers into the air. That means your loved one and possibly other individuals inhale them. Cancer is the worst consequence of this material. However, it causes other serious health problems. That’s what makes asbestos testing an incredible gift.

Key Benefits of Gifting Services from Asbestos Testing Companies

The biggest challenge that asbestos presents besides making people sick is that it’s found in all kinds of construction material. So, an expert might find asbestos in places your family member or friend never considered.

Canada banned the use of this material. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not in the home or business of your family member or friend. Whether they worry about its presence or know it exists, they’ll appreciate a gift of asbestos testing in Toronto.

Other Risky Circumstances

A structure’s age is just one risk factor. Other reasons exist for giving your loved one asbestos testing for Christmas, l may be that your family member or friend may be planning to remodel or renovate their home or business. In that case, hiring one of the leading asbestos testing companies is a beautiful way to contribute.

The age of the building combined with material that contains asbestos dramatically increases the chance for someone to get ill. Before they have remodeling or renovation work done, gift them with asbestos testing in Toronto.

Demolishing a high-risk building is another good reason to give your loved one asbestos testing for Christmas. They may be planning to have most of the work done by a professional. Even so, if they’re physically involved at all and this material exists, that creates a dangerous situation.

Give the Gift of Health and Life

Experienced asbestos testing companies know where to look. The process starts when a licensed contractor visits a home or business to confirm the presence of this material. That involves assessing multiple construction materials. Some examples include drywall joint compound, duct and boiler pipe insulation, and vinyl ceiling and floor tiles.

If the expert finds anything of concern, they’ll gather a sample and get it tested. Once verified, the technician returns to remove the dangerous material. To give your loved asbestos testing this holiday season, contact us at Air Doctors.