What is Vermiculite Removal and Why it is Important?

Vermiculite is a natural material used as attic insulation. While the word “natural” may make you think it is perfectly fine, the fact is that you want it removed as quickly as possible. Mined from the earth, Vermiculite consists of small, shiny flakes that resemble mica. However, when heated, this material expands. If you need Vermiculite removal, it’s important to use the services of a reputable company.

Vermiculite removal

The problem is not the Vermiculite itself but rather that in some instances, it contains asbestos. As you may know, asbestos is a potentially deadly material builders used during the 1930s up to the late 1980s, at which time the Environmental Protection Agency banned it. This is the reason the best asbestos removal companies in Toronto recommend that people have their attic insulation tested to make sure it does not contain this dangerous substance.

Just like with mold, a professional company will start with Vermiculite testing; that way, the inspector can confirm that the material is in fact what he suspected. The problem is that there is no way to tell if the Vermiculite contains asbestos. For that reason, the expert will don protective gear to take a small sample. Once placed and secured in a plastic bag, the sample goes to a laboratory for testing.

If the lab results confirm the presence of asbestos, you need the insulation removed and replaced. With asbestos, there is little risk as long as the material remains undisturbed. When Vermiculite is used in the attic, there is a real concern of disturbance caused by critters, wind, shifts in the structure, and more. The safest option is to have an experienced team that works for one of the best asbestos removal companies in Toronto handle the job.

Even if you or your family have not experienced any health-related problems, there is a chance that at some point, the asbestos would start causing issues. Remember, asbestos in Vermiculite attic insulation could remain undisturbed for years. All it would take is for one squirrel, raccoon, or bird to stir things up.

With asbestos, moving the material causes it to release tiny fibers into the air. When people inhale those airborne particles, the risk of becoming ill intensifies. While some people only struggle with mild irritation to the lungs, others develop lung cancer. Because there is serious risk involved with asbestos being in the attic, it is better to be safe than sorry.

If a builder constructed your home before 1989, or if you or anyone in the house shows signs of sickness, contact a reputable company that provides services for both Vermiculite testing and removal. This is not a job that you should ever do yourself: Removal requires experience and training.

Safe and Efficient Testing

Our experts at Air Doctor have the qualifications to test for the presence of asbestos in Vermiculite insulation. If found, they also have the required experience to remove it safely. For any concerns or questions, give us a call.