What Is Mould Removal in Toronto

Mould spores are present all around us. Along with being found outdoors, mould spores can also make their way into our homes and businesses. In most instances, mould spores do not present a problem. Under the right conditions; however, they can begin to increase in number and may produce dangerous toxins. Mould remediation in Toronto is designed to mitigate the presence of mould and ensure it is not a danger to your, your loved ones, or your pets.

The first step in mould remediation in Toronto is to conduct a sampling to determine whether mould is actually present in your home and if so, the type of mould that is present. A report can be provided to your insurance coverage that includes recommendations for removal. All industry guidelines are followed during mould removal in Toronto to ensure your and your family’s complete safety. For instance, the affected area may be completely enclosed. All materials with a mould presence are removed and sealed. The area is HEPA vacuumed and completely wiped down using a specific anti-microbial solution. Once the project is completed, air tests can be performed to ensure that your home or business is completely safe.