Tips for Cleanup and Remediation of Mould

As a home or business owner in Toronto, it’s common for things to need repairs or replacement. That’s simply part of ownership. Perhaps one of the most frustrating challenges is finding out that you have a mould problem. What starts as a tiny spot soon takes over. Thankfully, professional service for mould removal is available in Toronto.

Remember, mould removal companies know the underlying causes of this issue and, therefore, know where to look. Mould loves moisture, and in fact, it needs moisture to live and grow. Therefore, if you have even a small leak under a sink, a moist basement wall, or a drain under the washing machine that’s not working correctly, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with mould.

mould-removal-torontoThe other benefit of using professional mold remediation for your Toronto home or business is that an expert can identify a specific strain while on site. If the technician’s unsure, he or she has access to a laboratory that can test a sample and provide confirmation. With that information, the professional can address the mould problem quickly and effectively.

Things You Can Do

For peace of mind, it’s always best to hire one of the top-rated mould removal companies. However, for non-dangerous strains, there are a few things you might try. Most importantly, you need to identify any source of water, moisture, or condensation. Check all faucets and under cabinets to verify there’s no leak.

The same goes if you have a basement. You’ll want to examine the walls to ensure that water from the outside isn’t seeping into the interior. If you find a problem, regardless of its location, have it fixed immediately.

As for the cleaning process, purchase an anti-microbial solution such as Mould Control. Then spray it directly onto any mould you see. Let that sit for roughly 10 minutes before wiping the surface down. In case you aren’t 100 percent sure of the type of mould, wear a face mask and gloves.

Calling in the Calvary

If you don’t get the results wanted from home remedies, lack the time to deal with the problem, or you suspect the presence of mould, it’s best to turn to the pros. At Air Doctors, one of the most trusted companies for mould removal in Toronto, we know where to look, what to look for, and the proper steps to take for both cleanup and remediation.

Not only are our services for mold remediation in Toronto safe and effective, but also affordable. Instead of putting you, your loved ones, or personnel at risk, give us a call. We’ll remove all mould and prevent it from returning.