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What Are Some Signs That Indicate Asbestos Exposure?

Asbestos was a popular material for roofing, insulation, and flooring until the 1970s, even in Toronto. It remains present in outdated structures that are still standing and in use. Spending time in or around sources of asbestos increases your risk of exposure. If you are not sure your home or office is clear of asbestos, […]


Various Methods Environmental Workers Use to Test Asbestos Levels

When it comes to maintaining sanitation and cleanliness, environmental health professionals are the experts. Workers might find that they contact toxins that harm their health, and asbestos is one of these toxins. Your workers might contact asbestos in either a natural form or when they are handling building materials. There are a few ways that […]


Does One Need to Worry About Naturally Occurring Asbestos?

Today, you might have heard about asbestos being in cosmetics or powder, and you may wonder how it ever got in these substances in the first place. The answer is asbestos that occurs naturally. However, you may be wondering if asbestos removal is necessary for this potential toxin. About Naturally Occurring Asbestos By itself, asbestos […]