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Tips for Cleanup and Remediation of Mould

As a home or business owner in Toronto, it’s common for things to need repairs or replacement. That’s simply part of ownership. Perhaps one of the most frustrating challenges is finding out that you have a mould problem. What starts as a tiny spot soon takes over. Thankfully, professional service for mould removal is available […]


How to Handle Mould in Toronto

If you believe that you may have mould present in your home or business, it is important that you seek professional mould removal in Toronto as quickly as possible. Mould can grow on almost any surface as long as there is moisture and oxygen present. When mould grows, it produces small seeds known as spores. […]


Is Mould Remediation in Toronto Really Necessary?

While mould spores do occur naturally in the environment, in some cases they can become toxic and present a number of serious health issues to humans as well as pets. Some people are often particularly sensitive to the presence of mould. Individuals who are sensitive to mould may experience a variety of symptoms, including: