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Asbestos Testing Service: What to Expect

If you have a home built any time from 1930 to the late 1970s, it is possible that asbestos exists. Although banned in 1974, this material remains in structures throughout the country. If you suspect you might have asbestos in your home, or you simply want peace of mind, contact a reputable company for asbestos […]


What Does Asbestos Testing Service Involve?

If you have a home or business built prior to 1989 and suspect or worry that it contains asbestos material, for peace of mind, consider hiring a reputable company that performs asbestos testing. Different from an actual abatement, testing is a critical part of identifying a potential risk As part of the inspection, a company […]


Why Asbestos Testing Is So Important

Professional asbestos testing is strongly recommended for any home or business built prior to 1985, if you are planning to renovate or repair your building. Up until that time, asbestos was commonly used in various applications of construction. Because many of those structures are still standing, testing and Toronto asbestos removal is critical. With Toronto […]