Mould Removal versus Mould Remediation

Some people think the terms mould removal and mould remediation are interchangeable. However, there are distinct differences. If you have a problem with mould or suspect one, it is important to choose the right type of service. Whether you need mould removal in Toronto or mould remediation services, make sure you hire a reputable company for the job.

Mould is challenging since it is present virtually everywhere. Because spores are microscopic, if disturbed, they become airborne and then inhaled. Mould on the exterior of the home can easily seep through the ventilation system, air conditioner, doors, or windows. It even can enter on a family pet. Because mould thrives on moisture, part of mould removal in Toronto is identifying any source of water.

Mould Removal versus Mould Remediation

Mould removal means that all mould is professionally removed. The technician will first confirm that mould exists by conducting various mould tests. If the technician confirms that the mould is active and growing, then removal is essential.  Even dormant mould spores need to be removed because they are just waiting for the right conditions to start to grow.  Your best defense against the contracting the symptoms of mould exposure is to regularly clean your home or office.

The easiest way to describe mould removal in Toronto is that it is just one step of mould remediation services. Remediation entails removing and cleaning mould found in the home. To perform this type of work, technicians must be licensed or certified. They also must meet strict legal requirements for the removal and disposal of affected materials.

There are four main steps involved in remediation. First, the spores must be contained to prevent cross-contamination with other areas. Second, mould removal in Toronto is performed. With this step, the affected areas are actually removed. So, if mould involves cabinets, drywall, flooring, and so on, it all goes. The third step is cleanup, which consists of vacuuming, and putting negative air into the room so it can be captured and filtered. In the fourth step, testing guarantees the success of the mould remediation services.