How to Kill Mold Efficiently

If you notice that your home has the telltale black spots or a strange musty odor, be advised you should learn how to clean mold. You will likely find lots of ideas online, and the intentions of these information providers are good, most “home remedies” are ineffective. In fact, depending on the type of mold involved, self-cleaning could put you at potential risk.

Professionals Share How to Kill Mold

Even if you think the mold poses no danger, it is always best to leave this type of job to a trained professional. Instead of looking for do-it-yourself answers on how to clean mold, it is easier and safer to turn the work over to a professional remediation company. Start by looking for the best local mold removal companies the minute that you suspect a problem.

how to clean mold

Some types of mold, including the infamous black mold, have proven to be dangerous. If disrupted, spores become airborne and are then inhaled. This can lead to irritation of the lungs, a variety of respiratory problems, and even the development of certain cancers.

When removing mold, a licensed technician will first don protective gear. Next, the tech will inspect areas of concern, as well as potential problem areas, such as rooms with known standing water, water leaks, or heavy condensation. This is because moisture is required for mold to grow and spread.

If mold is found, the technician will conduct testing to confirm the exact type. The inspector will also determine the extent of the contamination before creating an appropriate remediation plan to remove the mold.

Remediation aims to clean up growing mold without exposing anyone in the home to possible danger. During remediation, the technician will address the moisture’s source. Keep in mind that once remediation is complete, you will need to make any necessary repairs to prevent new spores from growing.

Next, the technician will block off the contaminated area, ensuring it is isolated from the rest of the home throughout the treatment. To accomplish this, doors and windows between the area and other portions of the home are sealed off polyethylene sheeting. The technician will also mist the area to suppress dust.

While learning how to clean mold from experts, you will discover that technicians are mandated to follow very strict rules and regulations to protect you, themselves, and the environment. For instance, mold cannot simply be placed in the trash; instead, it must be collected, confined, and destroyed properly. The affected area is also cleaned using a HEPA vacuum and a special detergent solution.

There is no reason to research how to clean mold. Simply contact us at Air Doctors and we will handle everything for you.