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Popcorn Ceiling Asbestos – Why Hiring A Professional Is Recommended

Before 1989, builders often used asbestos-containing materials in house construction. The finish on ceilings was an area in particular where this was used. This finish could be stucco (popcorn), swirls or other designs added to the ceiling after the drywall or plaster was installed. Fast forward to today, and many of these homes still have […]


The Environmental Benefits of Asbestos Home Testing

Because asbestos has long been a part of construction throughout the Greater Toronto Area, testing is essential. Although officials have restricted the use of this dangerous material, there is still no full ban in place. If your home dates back earlier than the mid-1980s or someone has unexplained headaches, coughing, chest pain, and other related […]


What is Vermiculite Removal and Why it is Important?

Vermiculite is a natural material used as attic insulation. While the word “natural” may make you think it is perfectly fine, the fact is that you want it removed as quickly as possible. Mined from the earth, Vermiculite consists of small, shiny flakes that resemble mica. However, when heated, this material expands. If you need […]


What Does Asbestos Testing Service Involve?

If you have a home or business built prior to 1989 and suspect or worry that it contains asbestos material, for peace of mind, consider hiring a reputable company that performs asbestos testing. Different from an actual abatement, testing is a critical part of identifying a potential risk As part of the inspection, a company […]


Why Do We Need Skilled Professionals for Asbestos Removal?

When it comes to asbestos removal, an experienced and extensively trained technician should perform the work. Although you may have heard of asbestos insulation, this heat-resistant fibrous silicate mineral exists in a broad range of things, including walls, ceilings, floors, carpeting, and more. In fact, during the 1970s and into the mid-1980s, it was commonly […]


Noticeable Reasons Why You Need Air Purifying Mold Removal Services

Thanks to professional air purifying mold removal services, you can finally get that unpleasant, musty odor out of your house. However, mold removal companies provide a host of other services, all with incredible benefits. If you suspect or have identified mold, there is no time to waste. A company that provides professional mold remediation in […]