5 Levels of Mould Remediation

If Mould is discovered in your home, you have three options. You can do nothing about it, handle the Mould removal on your own, or you can have professional Mould remediation services performed.

Mould Remediation in Toronto – The 5 Levels

Level 1 – For a space covering 10 square feet or less, you can probably handle remediation. However, you should rely on professional Mould remediation in Toronto if you have asthma,

allergies, or an immune disorder. Always use an N95 disposable respirator, eye protection, and gloves. Keep other people out of the area, place any contaminated material in a sealed plastic bag, use a damp cloth or mop to clean up, and allow the area to completely dry before use.

Level 2 – For a space of 10 to 30 square feet, there are some additional precautions. Place any of the Mould-covered materials in a plastic sheet sealed with tape prior to removing or handling it. For instance, if working on a wall panel, wrap it and take it to the area where you will work on it. When finished, eliminate mould spores using a HEPA vacuum and clean with a damp cloth or mop.

Level 3 – For a larger area of 30 to 100 square feet, you should consider professional mould remediation services. Vents and electrical outlets must be sealed. Hang a plastic sheet to separate the area from the remainder of the home. Until the Mould is gone, keep people and pets out of the space.

 Level 4 – Because the space is greater than 100 square feet, the Mould remediation process should be left to a trained professional. If you attempt a DIY job, you and any helpers should be trained on handling mould containing materials. Everyone needs to wear a respirator fitted with a HEPA cartridge and don disposable protective clothing from head to toe. There needs to be a decontamination room where contaminated materials are placed until disposal. When done, air monitoring should be conducted.

Level 5 – This level is for HVAC and air conditioning systems, the Mould remediation process should be performed by a licensed HVAC professional with experience in removing mould from the HVAC system. The technician will follow all precautions and shut down both the HVAC and air conditioning system. To kill Mould growth, a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent is used.