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Asbestos testing helps you detect airborne carcinogens in commercial and residential spaces. Asbestos can be present in water pipe insulation, siding shingles, roofing, and floor tiles. If you’re noticing signs of asbestos exposure, contract asbestos testing companies to be sure.

With professional asbestos testing services, you get assistance from experienced professionals. They know how to handle asbestos-containing materials. Expert handling prevents the fibers from becoming airborne.

asbestos testing services

Such experts take necessary steps to remove asbestos, using different techniques to determine the concentration level of asbestos. Aside from trained experts who can measure asbestos levels, these companies also have specific tools and equipment to contain asbestos exposure. For added safety, these experts also perform risk assessments to calculate asbestos exposure in the vicinity and ensure compliance with regulatory standards and protocols.

Air Doctors Inc. offers certified asbestos testing services to safeguard your home or business premises. We have a licensed workforce, and we use state-of-the-art technology. This ensures a high degree of accuracy in detecting and removing asbestos.

Latest Techniques for Asbestos Testing

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the EPA, asbestos is a classified human carcinogen. It isn’t easy to identify and can lead to severe health problems. For this reason, our experts analyze all findings and report back to authorized personnel.

To achieve this, our asbestos inspectors stay up-to-date with industry trends. We provide asbestos testing, removal, and disposal procedures of the highest grade. As per the latest industrial protocols, we use asbestos testing equipment and gear to maximize safety.

Common methods of testing are:

  • Collect air samples— This method helps measure asbestos concentrations in large volumes. When the fibers are minute in size, Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) scans particles in the air to detect asbestos presence.
  • Analyze material samples— Polarized light microscopy (PLM) is the most common method applied for testing building materials. It uses a specific frequency of polarized light for analyzing asbestos concentration in housing units where the structural damage is high.
  • Test soil and water samples— This method involves testing soil samples using PLM. It helps prevent the illegal disposal of asbestos-containing materials. For identifying asbestos contaminants in water, TEM is a common method applied.

Get Started with a Reliable Asbestos Testing Company

If you have reason to believe that a building or housing unit is at risk for asbestos exposure, give us a call this instant. At Air Doctors Inc, we offer asbestos removal and remediation services in Toronto and asbestos testing solutions.

We use cutting-edge technology for asbestos testing procedures. Our inspecting officers use the latest techniques to find efficient solutions. All results undergo evaluation at a certified laboratory to ensure accuracy.

Learn more about asbestos testing services from an expert. To limit the chances of asbestos exposure, schedule a free consultation!