A Free Asbestos Inspection in Toronto Could Save Your Home and Health

There is a saying that “nothing worth having in life is free” but when it comes to an asbestos inspection in Toronto, that saying does not apply. Thanks to professional companies like Air Doctors Inc., free inspections are saving homes, businesses, and sometimes, lives.

Getting an Asbestos Removal Inspection in Toronto

Asbestos is a heat-resistant, fibrous silicate material that is dangerous and even potentially life-threatening if inhaled. If this material exists in your home or business, you need to have an inspection performed to determine there is, in fact, a risk.

As long as asbestos remains undisturbed, there is no real risk, but once the affected material is moved the material becomes airborne. At that point, people  can breathe in the asbestos fibres , thereby creating a bad situation. This is exactly why a professional consultant who offers a free asbestos inspection in Toronto wears appropriate protective clothing and gear.

When you work with an accredited asbestos company like Air Doctors Inc.  you can have 100 percent confidence that the inspection, as well as asbestos removal in Toronto, will be handled according to strict government, industry, and company  regulations.

The free asbestos inspection in Toronto includes an extensive analysis of the property, with the consultant looking for specific areas of risk. If there is a suspected problem, the consultant will recommend sending samples to a laboratory for a risk assessment.

Types of Asbestos Inspections in Toronto

There are three distinct types of inspections available, including management inspections, clearance inspections, and refurbishment/demolition inspections.

  • Management Inspections—The primary focus is to identify any Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACM) within a structure. The consultant will work to identify as much building material at risk for asbestos as possible. This presumptive asbestos inspection in Toronto is what Air Doctor offers for free. However, there is a fee charged whenever samples of suspected building elements are taken, just as there is a cost associated with asbestos removal. 
  • Clearance Inspection—This type of asbestos inspection in Toronto is done after the asbestos removal process is complete and the home or business deemed safe. In other words, this is a final walk-through to confirm that the involved area is completely void of risk. 
  • Refurbishment and Demolition Inspection—If structures are being refurbished or demolished, an inspection is performed to eliminate any potential risk of exposure to workers, as well as the surrounding environment.

The Bottom Line

Getting rid of asbestos starts with an inspection by a professional that has been trained in identifying areas where asbestos could exist. Although you need to pay for sampling and asbestos removal, you have the opportunity to save money by turning to Air Doctors Inc. for a free inspection.