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Mould Remediation

Mould Remediation Services By Air Doctors Toronto

Mould spores are everywhere. They can be found outdoors where there they are primarily associated with certain plants and soil. They are also found in foods such as mushrooms, fermentatious yeast, and ripening cheeses (Brie, Roquefort). And because mould spores are everywhere, they also find their way indoors through windows, doors, shoes and clothing.

Mould spores that are indoors are not a problem on their own, but if they are given the correct conditions and combination of temperature, light, food and especially water, they begin to grow and potentially create toxins that are dangerous for pets and humans to ingest.

If there are signs of mould in your home or business, contact Air Doctors immediately for a free inspection and removal quotation. We will provide you with available options for remediation. Various types of sampling can be conducted to determine whether there is an elevated mould spore population in your home or business.

Mould remediation process to reduce health risks Remediate mould in Toronto

Air Doctors will write a report for your insurance company describing the situation and recommendations for removal. When Air Doctors removes mould from your home or business, we follow the industry guideline S520 to ensure your safety. Depending on the extent of the mould, we will enclose the affected area, remove and seal the materials that have mould on them, hepa vacuum and wipe the area down with an anti-microbial solution.We can also perform air tests when we have completed the project to provide you with assurance that your environment is safe.