Mould Removal versus Mould Remediation

Some people think the terms mould removal and mould remediation are interchangeable. However, there are distinct differences. If you have a problem with mould or suspect one, it is important to choose the right type of service. Whether you need mould removal in Toronto or mould remediation services, make sure you hire a reputable company for the job.

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Why Should You Consider Indoor Air Quality Testing?

To achieve healthy indoor air, professional testing is essential since some pollutants are hazardous to your health. Indoor air is trapped so it continually circulates. Therefore, air quality testing in Toronto is critical.

Professional air quality testing in Toronto determines the source of the pollution. Pollutants can seep in from the outside. They might be associated with consumer products or materials used for construction. They even can come from rodents, insects, and household pets. If your home’s ventilation system is poor, pollutants are more dangerous.

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5 Levels of Mould Remediation

If Mould is discovered in your home, you have three options. You can do nothing about it, handle the Mould removal on your own, or you can have professional Mould remediation services performed.

Mould Remediation in Toronto – The 5 Levels

Level 1 – For a space covering 10 square feet or less, you can probably handle remediation. However, you should rely on professional Mould remediation in Toronto if you have asthma,

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How to Remove Asbestos Safely from Your Home

If your home was built prior to 1980 and you suspect the presence of asbestos, you need to hire a reputable company that offers asbestos removal in Toronto. After all, asbestos was used in attic insulation, vinyl flooring tiles, wallboards, ceiling tiles, textured walls and ceilings, wall plaster, insulation around ductwork and boiler pipes, among other building materials in homes. Once the presence of asbestos containing material is confirmed through an inspection, or sampling and testing at a laboratory, the asbestos removal process can begin.

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What Is Involved in the Process of Asbestos Removal?

Asbestos is unlike other materials found in the home, like drywall and insulation, in that it can cause both non-cancerous and cancerous health problems if disturbed or damaged. This is why you should always contact a reliable source for asbestos removal if you plan to renovate, remodel, and tear down a home built in the mid-1970s or earlier.

The Appropriate Asbestos Removal Process

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What to Expect as Part of an Asbestos Inspection

Prior to the mid-1970s, construction companies commonly used a material called asbestos in ceilings, walls, floors, and many other places in the home. When left undisturbed, asbestos typically causes no problems. However, if disturbed, even mildly, it has been proven to be able to cause serious, chronic, and non-cancerous respiratory disease. In addition, fibers in asbestos, which aggravate lung tissue, can cause permanent damage to the lungs and even lead to cancer. This is why you need a professional asbestos inspection performed when remodeling, renovating, or even tearing down an older building.

The Asbestos Inspection Process

You always want to hire a qualified company or technician to inspect your home or business for asbestos. In other words, this is not something that you should ever do on your own. Experts in the field of asbestos inspection have experience, training, and in-depth expertise in identifying and removing this potentially dangerous material.

As part of an inspection process, the technician performs a number of services Including visual inspection and possible sampling of materials for laboratory analysis.  Once a company or individual is hired, a visual inspection is conducted of both the premises and its associated systems, including the air conditioning unit, furnace, ventilation system, plumbing, and electrical systems among others. Usually, the inspection can take up to two to three hours.

During an asbestos inspection, the current state of the asbestos material is analyzed so the expert can determine if there is any risk. If the asbestos material has not been disturbed or damaged, it will likely be left alone. If it shows any signs of wear, tear, or deterioration, it must be repaired, enclosed, or removed. If the asbestos material is exposed to vibration or rubbing, the expert will probably recommend removal to be on the safe side.

When the inspection complete, you will be provided a document, including the laboratory report for any samples that were analyzed and a plan recommending the steps to take for the safe removal of the asbestos materials.

Asbestos Removal: Why Hiring a Professional is so Critical

As the owner of a home or business, you have many opportunities for do-it-yourself projects. However, when it comes to asbestos removal in Toronto, this is something that should always be left to a trained, experienced, and licensed professional. Among the many companies that offer Toronto asbestos removal, you will never go wrong in choosing Air Doctors Inc.

Using Professional Services

Whether you’re having a management, refurbishment/demolition, or clearance inspection performed, there is potential danger involved with an asbestos inspection, taking samples of areas containing potentially dangerous material, and going through the actual asbestos removal process. In other words, this is something to take seriously.

Beyond the obvious risks, asbestos poses other problems. For instance, this fibrous material is quite small, often permeating areas including ceilings, walls, insulation, roofing, floors, cabinets, and other building materials. The danger is that without having expertise, you could unknowingly disturb an area with asbestos, thereby putting you, other people, pets, and even the environment in danger. If asbestos is not disturbed, it presents no real danger, but once it’s moved, fibres become airborne.

Asbestos Inspection and Asbestos Removal Process

There are several steps involved for asbestos removal in Toronto. Typically, the presence of asbestos is discovered during a remodeling project. If you’re dealing with a structure that was built prior to the mid-1970s, are interested in purchasing a building where risk of asbestos is suspected, or if simply want peace of mind, you can always contact a company like Air Doctors Inc. to request a free asbestos inspection in Toronto and surrounding area. A professional will conduct an analysis of the property to identify any potential risk.

If asbestos is suspected, the professional will take small samples from various areas throughout the structure, package them up in compliance with standards, and then send them to a qualified laboratory for testing. At the conclusion of the risk assessment, the asbestos consultant will have a firm answer and course of action.

Once the presence of asbestos is confirmed, the Toronto asbestos removal company will send in trained technicians to eliminate the problem. Because of the high risk involved, these professionals wear personal protective equipment. In watching how carefully technicians don full protection and the intricate process of asbestos removal involved, you will understand why it is never a good idea to try to complete the work on your own.

Once all of the asbestos has been removed, it is then properly disposed of, again following very strict rules and regulations. Even disposing of asbestos is critical. As part of asbestos removal in Toronto, professional consultants ensure that the material will not pose a health risk to the outside environment after it is eliminated from your property. In addition to having a safe home or business, the environment is protected.

A Free Asbestos Inspection in Toronto Could Save Your Home and Health

There is a saying that “nothing worth having in life is free” but when it comes to an asbestos inspection in Toronto, that saying does not apply. Thanks to professional companies like Air Doctors Inc., free inspections are saving homes, businesses, and sometimes, lives.

Getting an Asbestos Removal Inspection in Toronto

Asbestos is a heat-resistant, fibrous silicate material that is dangerous and even potentially life-threatening if inhaled. If this material exists in your home or business, you need to have an inspection performed to determine there is, in fact, a risk.

As long as asbestos remains undisturbed, there is no real risk, but once the affected material is moved the material becomes airborne. At that point, people  can breathe in the asbestos fibres , thereby creating a bad situation. This is exactly why a professional consultant who offers a free asbestos inspection in Toronto wears appropriate protective clothing and gear.

When you work with an accredited asbestos company like Air Doctors Inc.  you can have 100 percent confidence that the inspection, as well as asbestos removal in Toronto, will be handled according to strict government, industry, and company  regulations.

The free asbestos inspection in Toronto includes an extensive analysis of the property, with the consultant looking for specific areas of risk. If there is a suspected problem, the consultant will recommend sending samples to a laboratory for a risk assessment.

Types of Asbestos Inspections in Toronto

There are three distinct types of inspections available, including management inspections, clearance inspections, and refurbishment/demolition inspections.

  • Management Inspections—The primary focus is to identify any Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACM) within a structure. The consultant will work to identify as much building material at risk for asbestos as possible. This presumptive asbestos inspection in Toronto is what Air Doctor offers for free. However, there is a fee charged whenever samples of suspected building elements are taken, just as there is a cost associated with asbestos removal. 
  • Clearance Inspection—This type of asbestos inspection in Toronto is done after the asbestos removal process is complete and the home or business deemed safe. In other words, this is a final walk-through to confirm that the involved area is completely void of risk. 
  • Refurbishment and Demolition Inspection—If structures are being refurbished or demolished, an inspection is performed to eliminate any potential risk of exposure to workers, as well as the surrounding environment.

The Bottom Line

Getting rid of asbestos starts with an inspection by a professional that has been trained in identifying areas where asbestos could exist. Although you need to pay for sampling and asbestos removal, you have the opportunity to save money by turning to Air Doctors Inc. for a free inspection.

Hiring Professionals for Mold Removal

Toxic mold is a term used to describe certain types of mold that can actually be deadly. Rather than encompassing a single type, “toxic mold” refers to literally hundreds of species beyond the infamous black mold. The problem is that once disrupted, spores of mold become airborne, and might then be inhaled. For this reason, among others, mold removal in Toronto should always be left to a professional company.

Mold Categories

Toxic mold is broken down into five specific categories, but each type is found around dampness inside the home or business. These include Aspergillus, Cladosporium, Fusarium, Penicilium, and Stachybotrys. While some of the species only cause allergic reactions, others are extremely dangerous.

The least worrisome is Aspergillus, which consists of more than 160 mold species. However, only 16 are known to cause illness and none are fatal if properly treated. The deadliest category is Stachybotrys, which can lead to pulmonary edema, liver damage, and in the most severe cases, nerve or brain damage and even death.

Mold Remediation in Toronto

Due to the serious nature of mold, it is always recommended that you have a mold inspection in Toronto performed by a reputable and licensed company. As part of the inspection, the professionals use experience coupled with extensive training and modern technology to identify problem areas that might otherwise be overlooked.

Remember, if a mold colony is missed or improperly removed, you would face significant inconvenience, expense, and health risk. A company like Air Doctors that offers mold remediation in Toronto is a trusted source that can find even hard-to-locate mold so that elimination and cleanup can begin.

There are additional reasons for leaving mold removal in Toronto to the pros.

  • Quick Remediation—Having years of experience and tons of expertise, the team from Air Doctors will quickly identify mold. After determining the best course of action, the problem can be eliminated.
  • Proper Protection—Handling a mold problem requires protection. By suiting up with protective clothing, mask, and eye covering, the experts can get to work without putting anyone at risk. Containment is also set up to ensure that other parts of the home or building and people are not affected by the potential making spores airborne during the mold removal
  • Appropriate Disposal— Disposal of material is included in mold remediation in Toronto. When you hire a professional company, literally everything damaged by the mold, as well as water, is removed and properly disposed of. That way, you are never left with a mess or the expense of finding someone to dispose of the moldy material.

The Bottom Line

Using a professional company for mold removal in Toronto, such as Air Doctors, ensures that all mold will be discovered, the proper equipment used, the source eliminated, and future growth prevented so that you have a safe environment.

Call for Free Mold Inspection in Toronto

If you notice a musty smell or perhaps areas of discoloration in your bathroom, basement, garage, or other areas with dampness or water, you need to call a professional company like Air Doctors for a free mold inspection in Toronto. While there may not be a problem, considering the potential risks of many molds, you do not want to take a chance.

Getting a Mold Inspection in Toronto Performed

There are three major challenges with mold. First, some species cause only mild symptoms while others are deadly. Without experience and knowledge, deciphering between the two is difficult. Second, mold can be very hard to find. Third, unless mold removal in Toronto is done correctly, future growth is a real threat.

Prior to Toronto mold removal, the experts at Air Doctors will perform an inspection. For this, a trained individual will look for the presence of mold and, once it’s identified, determine the best method of elimination. Regarding a mold inspection in Toronto, there are certain things that you should know.

  • Qualified Professional—Because certain types of molds are deadly to humans, a mold inspection in Toronto should always be performed by someone with the appropriate qualifications. Otherwise mold could be disturbed and become airborne, in which case it could be inhaled. 
  • Past and Current Mold—In addition to looking for current mold growth, the inspector will search for signs of past growth. Often, past growth indicates that you once had a water problem that still needs solving.
  • Hidden Locations—Mold is really good at hiding in walls and other areas. Along with health risks, mold growth can lead to wood decay and other structural damage. Even if it cannot be seen, mould spores can be detected by performing an air test.
  • Dangerous versus Safe—Having the ability to identify the type of mold involved, the professionals at AirDoctors know the level of risk. For instance, some mold is actually normal while other mold can lead to major health problems and even death.
  • Moisture Source—As part of the mold inspection in Toronto, the professionals will search for any sources of moisture. This is important since mold cannot grow unless there is water. An identified leak must be repaired to ensure that the mold doesn’t grow back.

When to Call for a Mold Inspection in Toronto

Again, if you notice a musty smell or see blotches of discoloration, you definitely want to contact Air Doctors. Arunny nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing could also be indicators that a problem exists. Rather than risking your health, as well as the health of others in the home or business, you should call for professional mold removal in Toronto.