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Call for Free Mold Inspection in Toronto

If you notice a musty smell or perhaps areas of discoloration in your bathroom, basement, garage, or other areas with dampness or water, you need to call a professional company like Air Doctors for a free mold inspection in Toronto. While there may not be a problem, considering the potential risks of many molds, you do not want to take a chance.

Getting a Mold Inspection in Toronto Performed

There are three major challenges with mold. First, some species cause only mild symptoms while others are deadly. Without experience and knowledge, deciphering between the two is difficult. Second, mold can be very hard to find. Third, unless mold removal in Toronto is done correctly, future growth is a real threat.

Prior to Toronto mold removal, the experts at Air Doctors will perform an inspection. For this, a trained individual will look for the presence of mold and, once it’s identified, determine the best method of elimination. Regarding a mold inspection in Toronto, there are certain things that you should know.

  • Qualified Professional—Because certain types of molds are deadly to humans, a mold inspection in Toronto should always be performed by someone with the appropriate qualifications. Otherwise mold could be disturbed and become airborne, in which case it could be inhaled. 
  • Past and Current Mold—In addition to looking for current mold growth, the inspector will search for signs of past growth. Often, past growth indicates that you once had a water problem that still needs solving.
  • Hidden Locations—Mold is really good at hiding in walls and other areas. Along with health risks, mold growth can lead to wood decay and other structural damage. Even if it cannot be seen, mould spores can be detected by performing an air test.
  • Dangerous versus Safe—Having the ability to identify the type of mold involved, the professionals at AirDoctors know the level of risk. For instance, some mold is actually normal while other mold can lead to major health problems and even death.
  • Moisture Source—As part of the mold inspection in Toronto, the professionals will search for any sources of moisture. This is important since mold cannot grow unless there is water. An identified leak must be repaired to ensure that the mold doesn’t grow back.

When to Call for a Mold Inspection in Toronto

Again, if you notice a musty smell or see blotches of discoloration, you definitely want to contact Air Doctors. Arunny nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing could also be indicators that a problem exists. Rather than risking your health, as well as the health of others in the home or business, you should call for professional mold removal in Toronto.

Hiring Asbestos Removal Companies

When it comes to asbestos removal, it is imperative that you hire the right company. Although asbestos removal in Toronto is common, due to the serious nature of the job, any company of interest should offer years of experience coupled with extensive knowledge, including the potential dangers of asbestos and the physical inspection and removal process.

Asbestos Inspection in Toronto

Prior to removal, a professional asbestos inspection in Toronto is required. As part of this, one or more individuals will inspect your home or business to confirm the presence of asbestos. During the inspection, asbestos-containing material, also referred to as ACM or suspected ACM, which is material containing more than 1 percent asbestos, is investigated. Suspected ACM is also material that experts believe to be actual ACM not yet analyzed or sampled.

Primary Inspection Functions                                                                                           

Staying in compliance with Canadian regulations, companies that offer inspection and asbestos removal services perform several key functions.

  • Initial Phone Conversation—Top-rated companies will conduct an over-the-phone interview to answer questions and provide detailed information about the asbestos testing services provided. 
  • Visual Inspection—After choosing a reputable company that offers asbestos removal in Toronto, a certified inspector will visit your home or business for a visual inspection. Through this, the inspector gains insight into the existence of a problem, the severity of the problem, and the specific areas within the facility that require testing.
  • Pre-Inspection Report—Prior to doing any work, the certified inspector will provide you with a pre-inspection report, giving you additional opportunity to ask questions and learn about the testing and asbestos removal process.
  • Sampling—The asbestos inspection in Toronto includes professional sampling. For testing purposes, this typically involves a swab and/or tape lift and dust sampling. Even the sampling process poses risk, which is why an inspection should only be performed by a licensed company. In accordance with current government regulations, the inspector will take at minimum three bulk pieces of each type of homogenous material that raises concern. The gathered samples are then submitted to a laboratory for official testing.
  • Result Reporting—Once testing is complete, you will receive a report about the submitted samples, including confirmation that asbestos is present and the type or types found. Companies that offer asbestos inspection in Toronto usually submit a separate report that explains the lab report in more detail. In fact, it is common for reputable companies to follow up with a phone call or in-person meeting to ensure that the problem and required resolution is fully understood.

If this cancer-causing material is discovered in your home or business, you want to hire a qualified company for asbestos removal in Toronto. Because there are significant dangers involved, only highly qualified companies should be considered for inspection and asbestos removal in Canada.